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Re: Server updates

Postby C. Blue » Wed Dec 26, 2012 6:05 pm

-Shops don't refuse to pay full amount to money to non-IDDC level 1 characters in certain cases.
-Items 'Amulet of Grom' and 'Spirit Shard' no longer initiate Valinor travel.

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Re: Server updates

Postby C. Blue » Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:42 pm

Server-side changes in 4.5.2:
-'RPG' server has been renamed to 'Ironman' server.
-Fixed potential crash during wilderness generation.
-Added kobold skeletons.
-Fixed a crash when an artifact is generated on the world surface.
-New command /info is now enabled, which allows you to set a message similar to afk-messages, just when you're not afk.
-Sauron's cast speed buff has been toned down.
-Coin monster names are now displayed in grammatically correct ways.
-Rogues and mimics get full benefits from +MANA items (gloves of the magi).
-A glitch in house wall paint has been fixed.
-The money gifted by the temple priest on resurrecting has been lowered.
-The /page command now accepts account names too instead of character names.
-The confusion-damage part of 'Curse' spell from Holy Offense school deals actual damage again (in addition to the confusion effect).
-Weather has 'wind' again.
-Potion of Augmentation now costs somewhat less than the 6 stat potions would cost altogether.
-A crash has been fixed if a dungeon-boss monster attempted to spawn on the world surface.
-Vampires get no more HP regeneration at all while suffering from sunlight.
-Characters cannot enter resting mode anymore while being cut. Note that this is only a cosmetic change, as resting wouldn't heal HP while cut anyway (nor would it slow down the cut in any way).
-A rune-glyph related crash has been fixed.
-Inscription !F has been modified so it makes sense: It now prevents using up a torch inscribed !F to refuel your currently used torch. (Also, !k implies !F.)
-New commands /pquit,/gquit,/quit (and variants) are available to leave your party, guild or the game (same as pressing CTRL+X).
-Time description in /ex command has been improved/fixed. /ex command has been cleaned up a bit.
-Nargothrond now sports a 6 (magic shop) too, oops.
-If Morgoth leaves the level because of a winner entering it, he will summon a cloned Great Wyrm of Power in his stead.
-Some missing resistance flags have been added to monsters, mostly light resistance (for example on fire/lightning dragons and hounds, some elementals, some golems and light-based monsters) and dark resistance for a couple elementals.
-Artifact list also displays lore now (suggested by Random).
-Chat-reply prefix '+:blabla..' works better now.
-Missing sfx for 3 miscellaneous events were added (play Go stone, block trap, block bolt-spell).
-Disruption shield:
-Initial cast message is white, not violet.
-Running-low message comes at -15 turns instead of -20.
-Running-low message comes together with colour animation changing from usual violet/red/orange to black/white flicker (until it runs out completely).
-Mimic breath weapons have been adjusted somewhat, most notably the basic elemental breaths have had their damage reduced from curHP/2 to curHP/3.
-The 'Healing' spell from 'Nature' school has been fixed.
-Black Breath is removed on instant resurrection (tm).
-Bronze Dragon Scale Mail and greater bronze dragons gained reflection.
-Party members outside of your level range for sharing experience have their level displayed in grey in '@' list.
-Boomerangs in item lists are now displayed in umber colour, same as bows. Trap kits will be umber too, runes bright red.
-Server configuration files will be moved to new folder lib/config. tomenet.acc will be moved to lib/save. Migration code does this automatically for you.
-Server checking for invalid names works correctly on Windows filesystems now.

Ironman Deep Dive Challenge:
-Killing monsters on the way to IDDC no longer kills slot-exclusive characters, but treats the monsters as clones instead (no exp, no drops, no credit).
-Ghost divers are indicated by their character level being displayed in red in the top score table in the mayor's office.

Edit: Shamans can now use Angel forms.

See client changes at viewtopic.php?f=4&t=58&p=1534#p1534

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Re: Server updates

Postby C. Blue » Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:48 am

(4.5.3 - server-side changes since last release:

EXPERIMENTAL features are features that might not have been tested or tested thoroughly and may be partially or wholly revoked or modified at short notice.

  • There are now 3 different colours of light given off by light sources: Normal lamp light, white (magic) lamps, vampire 'light' (slightly darker white).
  • Torches are now always tradable/usable.
  • Shamans can use 'A' (angel) forms now.
  • Guild keys are now deleted when a guild is deleted, which happens when it has zero members.
  • Added guild halls, each guild can have one. It's a house owned by the guild. See guide for details, as usual.
  • Characters can add themselves to parties and guilds now, if they are eligible (if they have another character in that party/guild who is eligible to add others). For this to work, your already existing characters (that were created before 4.5.3 was released) that already belong to that guild (and are allowed to add others) must have logged on at least once first, to get the database updated. After that, your other characters will be able to add themselves. (For characters/guilds created after 4.5.3 release and for parties it works right away.)
  • (EXPERIMENTAL) Creating a Draconian character allows you to set a 'trait' now, which determines certain intrinsic resistances and an elemental breath weapon. Existing draconian characters can use the /trait command to acquire a trait of their choice. NOTE: Draconians no longer get base resistance (you can choose 'multi-hued' trait if you want that back, it even includes poison resistance).
  • Draconian boni for aura of fear, conveyance, fire and nexus runes have been removed, and a bonus for magic devices has been added.
  • Nether Vortex hit points have been reduced greatly.
  • (EXPERIMENTAL) Everlasting and non-everlasting players can form a party while in the Nether Realm now.
  • The price of 'Critical hits' items has been toned down.
  • The price of high +MANA items has been increased a bit.
  • The discrepancy of hit points mimics have in high-HP forms depending on their base character race's hdice has been slightly lessened. In other words: The hp difference between a yeek mimic and an ent mimic both using the same high-hp form is maybe ~25..20% less grave now (around level 50 the gap seem even less big, because low-hp races traditionally get an extra hp bonus around that level anyway, independantly of any mimicry).
  • Some basic items display additional information about their purpose when examining them. Example: Examine a scroll of word-of-recall.
  • Certain monsters that aren't supposed to be using shields will no longer 'block' attacks.
  • A miniscule chance for monsters that can block attacks has been added to block bolt spells and physical ranged attacks too.
  • Stealing items that should stack with items in your inventory now works if your inventory is full.
  • Stair-GoI will no longer prevent helpful effects from spells cast onto oneself (eg healing) and its +AC buff is now always displayed properly.
  • Healing/curing spells were modified: In general, Healing and Heal now also cure various status ailments, and Curing cures more status ailments than it did until now.
  • A bug has been fixed that prevented Fallen/Corrupted angels from casting the according spells and from losing their 'GOOD' flag and light resistance.
  • Round rooms now have connected walls, no longer allowing entering/exiting diagonally through trees or floor grids, other than the designated doors.
  • Tunelling into secret doors now will reveal the door if the tunnel throw is sufficient to satisfy an attempt to tunnel into granite wall.
  • Inspecting an item now will always display an info screen as for *identification* even if the item hasn't been *identified* yet. In that case it will still display all flags that are 100% granted for that kind of item. If the item might have powers that require *id*, it'll say "It may have hidden powers." at the bottom of the list of granted abilities.
  • The only scrolls that ignore elements are: Scroll of Fire (ignores fire) and Scroll of Ice (ignores water).
  • All potions have unique flavours now (concerns: sanity/learning/chauve-souris potions, which got added to the normal potions list instead of abusing a 'duplicate flavour' array).
  • Wraithform prevents drowning/aquatic anoxia.
  • Blessing spell can now be prolonged by re-casting it.
  • Recharging stacks of wands will now yield the correct amount of replenished charges. Recharging larger stacks may yield diminishing returns.
  • Unused up-staircases have been removed from towns.
  • Party/guild leave messages now indicate whether it was voluntarily ("has left") or not ("has been removed") correctly.
  • Elves get 9 magic device base ability instead of 6, Draconians get 7 instead of 0.
Changes in Ironman Deep Dive Challenge:

  • Growing trees is no longer possible in IDDC towns.
  • (EXPERIMENTAL) Mimicry users learn forms 10x as fast: 1 kill gives credit for 10 kills.
  • The 'Magic shop' in dungeon towns now also has 'GOOD' flag like the weapon/armour/general store and temple, increasing the chance for ego items.
  • Stealing from dungeon town stores no longer has a chance of setting the item level to zero for very expensive items.
For client-side changes see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=58&p=1549#p1549

Edit: A bug preventing monster traps with rods from firing has been squashed.

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Re: Server updates

Postby C. Blue » Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:14 pm

4.5.3a: Server-side changes since 4.5.3:
  • The Silent Force (Enl.) no longer gives mana resistance.
  • Guild hall related crash has been fixed.
  • Certain techniques and breaths cannot be used anymore while blind or confused.
  • Fixed internal issues in guild handling in some specific cases (old characters).
  • Auto-ID cannot be used for rune sigils anymore.
  • MANA cannot be used for rune sigils on mage staves anymore.
  • Gravity rune sigil on boots changed from climbing to flying.
  • A bug that allowed sigils to stay on items although they should be removed has been fixed.
  • A bug in device traps using rods was fixed.
  • Herbal Tea only gives a message about curing black breath if it was actually cured.
  • Player ghosts do no longer receive warnings about various things that don't make sense for ghosts.
  • Artifact list no longer lists the descriptive text for each art.
  • Monster ego type 'tolkien-based' did not do anything really and has been removed.
  • Anti-magic skill effect on duration of magical buffs has been somewhat reduced and applied to a few cases where it was missing.
  • Some problems on 64-bit systems have been fixed (including a store-related crash).
  • Go challenge: White receives +1 extra point (Komi) if she is the first player to make a pass. Also the bot no longer resigns but plays out each game to the end.
  • Death sound effect is no longer played after instant-resurrection has been processed but before that.
  • Monsters firing bolts or shots can be intercepted by players now (only worked for arrows so far).
  • A possible crash bug in !X inscription on equippable items has been fixed.
  • The Great Pumpkin now has descriptive lore text.
  • Continuous life drain no longer causes alert_afk_dam to beep.
  • Attacks that drain experience now cause alert_afk_dam to beep, while "continuous" effects that drain the player's experience no longer cause beeping.
  • New command /autoret or just /ar allows mimics to set up a specific monster power for auto-retaliation.
  • Fire-till-kill mode is now available for eligible mimic spells.
  • The Iron Helm of Gorlim has been changed: An array of curses was removed and aggravation was added.
  • Multi-hued dragon scale mails can no longer get 3 immunities if it's a random artifact.
  • Trap kits created from disarming traps get proper magical enchantments and abilities now.
  • Runecraft fixes.
  • Monster traps containing a rune will now always return the rune after triggering.
  • Handbook of Piety had blessing swapped out for sanctuary.
  • Command /dis f has been added as suggested by Lerg. Variantions: /dis fa, /dis fb.
For client-side changes see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7&p=1568#p1568

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Re: Server updates

Postby C. Blue » Sat May 18, 2013 6:16 pm

note that these are CHANGES SINCE 4.5.3a RELEASE. Most of these have already been implemented as hotfixes on the live servers while 4.5.3a was still the latest version.
  • !k no longer implies !F.
  • Traps show their extra-shots value (and other values) properly now.
  • Morgoth crown / Grond are lost on instant-resurrection, same as for normal deaths. (And hence rekinging is required to equip Grond again, since it usually cannot be wielded by non-winners).
  • Top-level WINNERS_ONLY items can now drop properly (Adamantite Aegis couldn't drop).
  • A crash from /rec command was fixed.
  • /ic command now also ignores IRC chat.
  • Draconian's blue lineage breath has been fixed to say lightning, not fire.
  • "Tunnelling" into thin air (or hitting the perma-wall floor, in another interpretation ;) no longer causes earthquakes.
  • Draconians can also use their breath while in hydra forms.
  • Rarity/depth of shields of deflection and dragon shields have been swapped.
  • Stance boni have been increased in every regard, royal defensive stance block bonus has been lowered somewhat.
  • Maia enlightenment holy school bonus has been reduced from x2.4 to x2.1.
  • The internal 'power' rating of random artifacts no longer depends on their base item level.
  • A fluent artifact reset system has replaced the scheduled 3-monthly resets. (Normal true artifacts time out 4 weeks (8 on Iron server) after they have been found now. No money is refunded.)
  • Some typos fixed.
  • Using {- or {{ in chat works properly again.
  • +HP on winners-only items/randarts does not wrongly apply to fallen winners anymore.
  • Since artifacts are not enchantable, they will say so when inspecting them after *ID*.
  • PvP characters are not affected by hallucination/lifedrain/stats drain/nexus scramble anymore.
  • Kobolds may become rangers.
  • Identical runes cannot be combined anymore.
  • Disarming a rune trap recovers the rune and preserves its inscription.
  • Monster ego powers 'ridden' and 'rider on' have been combined. 'Rider on' may now also appear on certain reptiles.
  • Newly created characters get a different join-game-message ("sets foot into the world").
  • Players can no longer cause earthquakes more than once per round.
  • CRIT items are a bit more valuable (in terms of money) again.
  • Ironman Deep Dive Challenge now has random themes from all the other dungeons, instead of just being all granite wall style. Dungeon bosses may also be encountered now, and unlike in the real dungeons have a 100% chance to drop their true artifact (if any). Certain themes will have more monsters than their real dungeon counterparts. Certain themes will last only for very few floors.
  • Draconians now get light green messages on level-up when they acquire a new feature from their lineage trait.
  • Target dummy in IDDC towns will no longer prevent running.
  • IDDC characters intrinsically know the location of the Ironman Deep Dive dungeon (press ~8).
  • Polymorphing is no longer possible in the IDDC.
  • A bug with polymorph messages has been fixed.
  • Sandworm and sandworm queen experience, weight, vision and power (sandworms only) has been increased.
  • Draconian silver lineage gives inertia breath instead of frost breath now.
  • A glitch has been fixed that displayed a slightly wrong amount of money when checking how much a house costs. (Buying it would deduct the correct amount though.)
  • IDDC deaths are only logged to "noteworthy occurances" (in the mayor's office in Bree) if the character reached at least floor #20.
  • Dedicated IDDC characters can no longer enter other dungeons.
  • Dungeon black market (IDDC towns!) has a high chance to spawn Sprigs of Athelas now.
  • 1/3 of the form boost that was applied while learning forms inside the IDDC is deducted again if the character decides to withdraw from IDDC (by recalling out in Menegroth or Nargothrond).
  • Ents no longer start with rations of food. (Note that Ents can also "eat" by simply 'R'esting on soil/grass.)
  • Vapor spell looks more like vapour again, less like water (just a visual change).
  • A glitch in randart lights has been fixed that might wrongly increase the power rating of a randart as if it lost its need of getting fueled even though it still needs fueling.
  • Runecraft: Projectable buffs added and projected runespells now affect the caster as intended.
  • Runecraft: Runespells and Sign spells reworked to include temporary branding, recharging, stasis spell.
  • Runecraft: Sign spells reshuffled alongside enhanced sigil boni to encourage more diverse skill sets.
  • Runecraft: !R inscription on runes will prevent the rune from being used in rune spells. This means it won't be able to shield the caster from a potential backlash, beware.
  • Runecraft: Projectable sign spells now correctly use the expanded modifier to enable projection.
  • Magi and devotion amulets in npc stores have now the same base level as trickery amulets.
  • Wraithform now allows crossing certain terrain and traps, similar to levitation.
  • Draconian racial description no longer wrongly claims they get base resistance. (Pick multi-hued lineage if you want that.)
  • An insta-resurrected player now sees what killed him in the resurrection-message he gets.
Client-side changes at viewtopic.php?f=4&t=58&p=1617#p1617

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Re: Server updates

Postby C. Blue » Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:29 pm

  • Draconian silver lineage now gives correct boni and says so correctly, and it gives inertia breath instead of cold breath.
  • Draconian description in the guide has been corrected.
  • Draconian red/white lineage now have susceptibilities to frost/fire accordingly.
  • Wraithform gives feather-falling-like behaviour, allowing to traverse dark pit/ice grids etc.
  • A message will be broadcasted when a true artifact times out and therefore gets reset, informing everyone about it.
  • True artifact reset timer is now applied properly to artifacts that are already owned before the player picks them up and to artifacts on the Ironman server.
  • Store enchanting services have been reworked and improved (enchant one item at a time now).
  • Blessing/chant/prayer are chainable properly, without a weaker effect overriding a stronger one or other problems.
  • Vampires (player race) get slight insanity resistance.
  • Vampires can feed by using ranged attacks too, but they need to stand on a grid adjacent to the monster.
  • Vampires suffer from sun burn differently badly depending on the time of the day.
  • Vampires in bat form move less erratically.
  • Vampire stats are now in line with D&D lore (charisma).
  • Ents can no longer become gorged or read satisfy hunger scrolls.
  • Shamans can wear full equipment in 'X' forms.
  • Mini lag-o-meter will be in bright red colour when packet loss (or excessively long lag) occurs.
  • Lit wall grids are now displayed correctly to other players nearby (depending on their lighting settings).
  • Granite wall lit in white light has been made a slightly darker white tone than permanent walls, for easier distinguishing.
  • A visual glitch was fixed where one player would not immediately see another one who just entered the same floor via staircase, although they have line-of-sight.
  • Gravity hounds colour changed to light umber, impact hounds to bleak white.
  • Everlasting and non-everlasting players can form a party in the Nether Realm. When leaving the Nether Realm worldmap sector, players are removed again.
  • Dungeon bosses don't respawn for winners and cannot live-spawn on an already generated level.
  • Mimicked bolt/ball spells deal more damage.
  • Only one character per account can be a guild master.
  • Guild houses cannot be list-style houses. Objects in leaderless guild houses cannot be accessed.
  • A glitch in saving a player's guild has been fixed.
  • Keys are displayed as apostrophe instead of semi-colon.
  • Highlander amulets merge correctly now.
  • CTRL+R cannot be spammed anymore but has a 3s cooldown.
  • Traps of Calling Out no longer work on unique monsters.
  • Unique monsters cannot be summoned by other monsters except if they have S_UNIQUE ability or if the summoned monster is a Nazgul and the summoner has S_HI_UNDEAD ability.
  • Some uniques give much more experience now to be in line with other monsters/uniques of their level.
  • Helmet types had weight and base AC adjusted somewhat.
  • Doomcaller's AC malus was reduced.
  • Artifact Creation scrolls ignore acid, fire and water.
  • Guide lists item destruction by elements more consistently.
  • Guide lists randart mod limits correctly.
  • A bug has been fixed that would prevent guild member amount from decreasing correctly when someone leaves the guild.
  • Level 99 is reached at 999 million experience points instead of 940 million.
  • Traps, devices and scrolls can no longer summon unique monsters of level 99 or higher.
  • Weapon mastery skills give slightly less to damage, but the player gets somewhat more to hit chance. This change makes 2-handed weapons somewhat more interesting.
  • To-hit bonus from dexterity is added again instead of multiplied.
  • Hit points gained from level-ups beyond level 50 have been reduced somewhat, mana gain has been reduced slightly accordingly.
  • 'Banishment' is now called 'Mass Warp'.
  • 'Mass Genocide' is now called 'Obliteration'.
  • Fixed a glitch that spawned cursed jewelry with all positive stats.
  • Fixed a bug that made amulets of telepathic awareness spawn without any ESP.
  • Added an armoured target dummy.
  • Invisibility gained from different sources has been corrected, the guide updated accordingly.
  • New event 'Dungeon Keeper' has been added. Rewards are same as for highlander, but it is not a pvp-event and every participant can actually win. It requires at least one participant to begin and players may be of level 1 up to 15.
  • Death cause being terrain damage is now properly displayed as "hazardous environment" instead of "something weird".
  • Some class titles have been modified.
  • Experience penalties of druids and shamans have been lowered slightly.
  • Priests can no longer train sword skill.
  • Shamans' Mana school ratio boosted from 0.700 to 1.000.
  • Rogues' Sneakiness skill ratio increased from 0.800 to 0.900.
  • Draconians get less bad a stealth malus.
  • Value for +3 EA power on items has been increased.
  • Randarts can have an extremely high value now (up to around 1 million Au) if their stats are really top end, especially weapons.
  • Magic device activations can no longer stack haste magic.
  • Added IRC command "?players" that will make the TomeNET bot reply with the number of players currently logged on.
  • Runecraft tweaked and gets an ID spell. A glitch with sigils has been fixed. A crash has been fixed.
  • Wave spells work again (affected runecraft and Water school).
  • Sauron is now the final boss of Mount Doom and has an extremely high spawn chance. He can still show up in the Ironman Deep Dive Challenge though, even if not in a Mt Doom theme. Killing Sauron in Mt Doom will allow players on that floor to recall out.
  • Fixed a glitch that allowed to find out whether an unidentified item is cursed simply by inspecting it.
  • Fixed a glitch that resets Combat Stance skill when using /undoskills command.
  • The '/ex' command displays parry/block chance too.
  • Earthquake ego power can only occur on picks and mattocks, not on shovels.
  • Taking a void jump gate only consumes one turn now instead of two.
  • Holy Martyr prevents being pushed away by a monster.
  • Fire stones now actually give mana to players in dragon form.
  • A workaround for a font problem on FreeBSD systems has been given by N der Fuenfte and added to the guide.
  • The Ring of Phasing has no timeout but resets when another player defeats Zu-Aon (and drops for that player).
  • Staircases can no longer be generated in the outer ring of a pit/nest, making wall-eater nests less lethal.
  • Blacksmiths (weapon/armour store) now buy massive material pieces.
  • Some very rare dungeon bosses occur more often now.
  • Fixed a glitch displaying PvP-mode as 'Normal mode' in character screen.
  • While under the effect of a Ring of Polymorphing, the player may change forms without losing the ring's form. Its remaining duration is stored and can be used again when the player decides to. Only one ring form at a time can be stored.
  • When the form of a Ring of Polymorphing is about to run out, the player's appearance will start to flicker.
  • The artifact list now displays all timeouts of artifacts you own.
  • The mayor's office allows checking the exploration experience bonus for all dungeons (it displays dungeons that have been explored a lot or relatively often, so all dungeons NOT on that list will give a tier 2 or tier 3 experience bonus.)
  • A glitch with to-hit/to-dam in main-hand mode while dual-wielding has been fixed.
  • Event rewards allow magi cloaks/crowns to be generated for non-magic characters too.

Ironman Deep Dive Challenge:
  • Potions of cure light insanity can spawn in the potion store.
  • Great ego mage staves are more common in the magic shop.
  • Players may trade items/gold on stale floors.
  • Mimic form boost penalty when withdrawing from IDDC is applied correctly.
  • Bone chambers and treasure chambers may appear (same structure as pits).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented everlasting and non-everlasting players from forming a party.
  • It's now possible to pass trees in dungeon towns.
  • True artifacts drop more often than usual.
  • A new floor feeling will indicate whether a dungeon boss has been generated (requires the same 2-minutes timer as yellow floor feelings).
  • Dedicated IDDC characters are automatically no-ghost mode.

See viewtopic.php?f=4&t=58&p=1683#p1683 for client-side changes.

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Re: Server updates

Postby C. Blue » Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:40 pm

4.5.5 changes:

  • A few ambient sound effects were added, which depend on the player's surroundings, such as day/night state or terrain. (Eg inns have a very soft fireplace sfx now.)
  • Artifacts a player loses from beating Morgoth are broadcasted same as artifacts that were reset due to timeout.
  • Some more automatic newbie hints have been added.
  • Kill count system for PvP-mode characters has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed PvP-mode characters to gain experience by disarming traps.
  • By default, PvP-mode characters can no longer pick up everlasting loot.
  • A glitch in declaring war has been fixed that allowed for surprise-PKs.
  • Enchant shop services have been revamped.
  • Nazguls' rings of power have been boosted slightly.
  • Command /d is a shortcut for /dice 2 (throws two dice).
  • Skill 'Magic' buffed for rogues and mimics, nerfed for paladins.
  • Skill 'Holy Curing' buffed for priests and slightly nerfed for paladins.
  • Base mana buffed for priests and mimics and priests benefit much more from +MANA items now.
  • Spell 'Holy Martyr' fail rate reduced.
  • Stair-GoI also works on melee attacks now.
  • Killing Sauron will allow WoR on level even if the player already killed Sauron before.
  • A glitch with rings of polymorphing has been fixed that would poly the player back into @ form when a temporary form was drained which he wasn't actually using at that moment.
  • It's no longer possible to steal from other players in towns.
  • Priest starter book contains 'Sense Monsters' now.
  • Training tower entrance has been relocated slightly to make it more distinct against the surrounding trees.
  • Dungeon 'Cirith Ungol' has more open spaces now, allowing for easier traversal.
  • Optimum depths for very high character levels have been modified, so that for levels >75 it'll be deeper than -50ft Nether Realm.
  • /dress command will no longer equip items pseudo-id'ed as 'broken'.
  • Fruit bat runemaster itemisation fixed.
  • Random artifacts are slightly more likely to get the maximum amount of extra attacks.
  • A glitch in house transfers has been fixed, that would cause a player to not be able to purchase another house although he should be allowed to.
  • Treasure in sand walls is correctly detected by treasure detection now.
  • Ufthak of Cirith Ungol displays expected (and not message-spamming...) behaviour towards spider-form players now.
  • Rod timeouts are correctly being reduced by 'Magic-device' skill now.
  • Reaching any further level of 90+ is 'noteworthy'; defeating Zu-Aon is 'noteworthy'.
  • Bashing a door open slightly wakes up nearby monsters, similar to /cough command.
  • When inspecting a weapon, the 1/2/dual-handed options are displayed correctly for all weapon types now.
  • Plain amulets of resistance and anti-magic no longer need ID (EASY_KNOW).
  • Monsters teleported via traps of calling out will wake up from that.
  • Gondolin weapons have slightly lower level requirements on average.
  • Pseudo-night during Halloween or fireworks events is handled correctly now, and light/clairvoyance magic won't work on the world surface during that time.
  • Facing the great pumpkin plays distinct music.
  • A Fire-Till-Kill bug has been fixed that would cause the wrong type of FTK-attacks to be used in certain cases.
  • Costumes representing unique monsters will flicker the same way they do.
  • Rainy weather might include thunderstorms at times.
  • Commands /partymembers and /guildmembers have been added, showing a list of all members.
  • Guild members who have a guild-adder or guild-master character, can now add other players without having to relog to that character.
  • Algroths resist poison now.
  • Hit points and to-damage are no longer negatively affected by mimicking a weaker (in those two regards) monster form. Note that there might be a -1 damage decrease due to rounding errors =P.
  • Flints now relight your lamp if it was emptied by the (floor-wide) loss-of-memories trap.
  • Morgoth drops 1 especially great item for each player who participated in killing him (and is in the same party as the killer).
  • Aquatic monsters no longer behave in a silly way regarding doors, stairs and gates.
  • Command /tip has been added, allowing you to tip a player. You give him an amount of gold that is your level squared (level 10 -> 100 Au, level 50 -> 2500 Au), or less than that if you carry around less gold in your purse.

Ironman Deep Dive Challenge:
  • This one isn't new, but: If your IDDC slot-exclusive character dies, remember the /convertexclusive command for your convenience.
  • Floors are as big as possible as often as possible, as opposed to normal dungeons where smaller levels are generated at times.
  • Dungeon town stores now offer better items and a much wider variety of base item types.
  • Morgul weapons can no longer drop in IDDC.
  • Top 10 instead of top 5 are now displayed under 'noteworthy occurances'.
  • The Great Pumpkin can no longer spawn in IDDC before floor -1000.

For client-side changes, see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=58&p=1721#p1721

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Re: Server updates

Postby C. Blue » Sun Dec 29, 2013 12:18 pm

4.5.6 changes (server-side):

The Ironman server has been taken off the meta list and mainly works as a server for testing new features now, but it can still be used normally. Specify port 19348 either in your tomenet.ini (Windows) or .tomenetrc (Linux/OSX) file or directly via command-line option, eg "TomeNET.exe -p19348".

  • alert_afk_dam will no longer trigger warning sound from zero terrain damage.
  • Ambient sfx added to river terrain and to icy waste terrain.
  • Improved ambient sfx handling for characters traversing wilderness at high speed.
  • Door bell sound effect added for entering/leaving a store that sells/buys items (note that this sfx is disabled in =3 by default, you need to enable it first). You will need to update your sound pack if you don't hear it even after enabling the option.
  • Changed colour of Will o' the wisp from "dark white" to "cold" (flickering between two white tones) to allow distinguishing it from Shamblers.
  • /ex command shows number of houses owned.
  • Amount of rain/snow in general has been reduced somewhat.
  • Dungeon bosses are displayed in yellow colour in the unique monster list.
  • Slain dungeon bosses are indicated in ~8 by a "conquered" marker for their respective dungeon.
  • /tag command now overwrites all pseudo-ID-inscriptions that would also be affected by /dis commands.
  • /tag command will always overwrite the previous inscription if a target item is specified (eg /tag a to force-tag inventory slot 'a)').
  • Added /t and /ut shortcuts for /tag and /untag command.
  • Terrain that deals damage of zero HP no longer "disturbs" (interrupts running) the player crossing it.
  • Getting to know a flavoured item (eg wand) will correctly flavour-identify all other items of the same type the player is carrying.
  • Gaining auto-ID from Divination skill will automatically identify all items you are carrying.
  • Buying an item from a player store will correctly identify it if the player has auto-ID.
  • Potions can be identified by smashing them, if the effect is notable.
  • Shop option "Look at busts of kings" which had no effect so far has been replaced by "Noteworthy occurances".
  • Chat highlighting of one's own name was accidentally broken on Ironman servers, this has been corrected.
  • Mimic powers cannot be used while having an anti-magic shell or field up at the same time.
  • Fixed a glitch that would sometimes not remove an unique monster tag from an item.
  • Slash command /snbar has been added that allows toggling the layout of the sanity bar if Health skill is high enough to provide multiple styles for it.
  • If a player store has no room to generate a cheque the money is no longer lost. Instead, the trade just gets cancelled.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't make rare monster not so rare in specific dungeons (worms in Sandworm Lair).
  • Zu-Aon drops randarts instead of normal/ego items (EXPERIMENTAL).
  • Dungeon store placement in Mt Doom has been fixed to be more sensible.
  • The green message that recalling is allowed on a particular dungeon floor (eg on the final floor of an ironman dungeon) is now also displayed in chat-only window for better visibility.
  • Black markets have slightly increased chance to spawn *Healing* potions.
  • Inscription '!+' has been added, which is like '!*' except it does not imply '!d'.
  • When inscribing an item, '\' can be specified as first character to trigger special behaviour that replaces, appends or deletes instead of overwriting the previous inscription: If an @ or ! or # is specified, that part of the old inscription will be replaced if it exists. Otherwise, the new inscription is appended. Can be used to easily change pricing in player stores, for example to change the price tag of an item to 10000 Au just inscribe it "\@S10k". You can also double the tag type symbol to erase a tag - example: "\@SS" will erase the item's price tag.
  • Morgoth gives full experience now instead of reduced or none when a player was close or at the pre-king exp limit of 6999999.
  • Players of vampire race or in undead monster forms will get infected/affected by black breath less often.
  • Greater undead forms and ghost forms get a +4 infra-vision bonus (stacks with basic undead +1 bonus for +5 IV total).
  • Added acid resistance to Lesser Black Reaver and acid immunity to Black Reaver.
  • Players in wraithform or in a monster form that cannot open doors are now able to enter player stores just fine.
  • Items carrying the 'museum' inscription "@S-" now display the rest of the inscription properly.
  • Ethereal ammunition gets its total value tripled.
  • Expensive Black Market offers scrolls of Artifact Creation somewhat more often.
  • Characters may keep using their true artifacts after kinging, until they expire from their usual timeout!
  • Dungeon stores now turn over their items much faster than normal stores.
  • Uniques no longer respawn for winners while they are in towns/town areas, to allow some idling and stuff.
  • Fixed a glitch that caused FORCE_SLEEP monsters to be slightly earlier able to act after being summoned than other monsters. Slightly increased (the random interval of) monster cooldown after being summoned until they are able to act.
  • HP is correctly updated now if a +LIFE weapon gets disarmed.
  • Random movement in a mimicked form from RAND_ flags can no longer cause the player to try and run into a wall grid.
  • Random movement in a mimicked form from RAND_ flags no longer breaks running, if the character leaves proximity of a wall because of taking a random step away from it.
  • Guilds can now be renamed for a fee as high as for creating one (2M Au) at the mayor's office in Bree.
  • Activation of the Dwarven Pick of Erebor is now available.
  • Weight of the dragon scale mails Razorback, Mediator and Bladeturner lowered.
  • Finding true artifacts of depth-level 100+ is now logged to noteworthy occurances.
  • Inactivity timeouts of characters of level 50+ is now logged to noteworthy occurances.
  • Players no longer move onto the trap grid when they set off a trap by failing to disarm it.
  • When leaving a store, the player no longer lands on hazardous (to him, depending on his stats) terrain if avoidable.
  • Flavoured items are displayed correctly, ie fully known, when a player examines them inside a store.
  • This isn't new, just a reminder: You can add yourself to a party if you have other characters in it.
  • Improved handling of exceptionally (level 0 or inter-mode) tradeable items (food, word of recall scrolls, torches).
  • Candlebearers, Darklings and dungeon bosses (final guardiands that appear on the last floor of some dungeons) can no longer "live spawn", but only spawn at floor generation time.
  • A couple of greater demons that wrongly had zero weight had their weight corrected. (More monsters still have zero weight and will get fixed in future patches).
  • Vampire players in vampire bat form cannot use ranged weapons and deal reduced damage when fighting while having melee weapons equipped.
  • Eldraks got STUPID flag added.
  • (TomeNET Server: Memory leaks and buffer overflows have been fixed.)
  • (TomeNET Server: Crashes on AMD64 machines has been fixed.)
  • (TomeNET Server: Fixed problems on Windows OS machines regarding contacting a meta server.)

Ironman Deep Dive Challenge:
  • Magic shop offers mana-regeneration amulets too.
  • There are no more minimum floor depth enforcements compared to character level, for optimum experience gain.
  • A deep supply store "Seasoned Alchemist" has been added and may spawn randomly on floors after Nargothrond at a close to 20% chance on each floor.
  • There can be only one entry for each class/account combination in the scoretable.
  • Hidden Library (IDDC dungeon store) has double stock size now.
  • Fixed a glitch that prevented acquiring quests in IDDC before level 5.
  • Fixed a glitch that would display dungeon towns as "stale".
  • Fixed a glitch where withdrawing from IDDC would mess up unique kills or allow the player to stay in a form that he doesn't have sufficient knowledge of anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed monster live spawn.

For client-side changes see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=58&p=1768#p1768

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Re: Server updates

Postby C. Blue » Mon May 19, 2014 8:29 pm

Changes in 4.5.7 (server-side):

  • Shields no longer affect AC.
  • Since speed on 1h-weapon plus speed on shield would trump speed on 2h-weapons (cannot have EA if speed > 3!), +speed has been removed from randart shields.
  • Randart weapons are more likely to get non-low (+hit,+dam) enchantments.
  • "Thought Contact" school has been renamed to "Attunement".
  • Fixed client-side auto-inscribing - backpack-ID and auto-ID should trigger inscriptions fine now.
  • Fixed insta-art and talisman names in ~4 knowledge screen.
  • Rarities of some insta-arts have been tweaked.
  • Generation of insta-arts has been fixed (like Rings of Power, who had almost no chance of spawning ever).
  • A minor glitch in true artifact generation has been corrected, giving some true arts a fairer chance to spawn.
  • Monster forms that have FINGER and WEAPON capability may open doors too, not just those that have OPEN_DOOR flag (eg Minotaur/Maulotaur druid forms).
  • A player running into a monster while wraithed and cloaked will not auto-attack that monster anymore.
  • Dungeons now have different types of boundary walls instead of the default white permanent walls.
  • A glitch was fixed that would (dis)allow a few monsters to spawn in dungeons that would usually in/exclude them.
  • Post-king dungeon 'The Cloud Planes' added, which level-wise is between Angband and the Nether Realm and has a new dungeon boss at the end. You should be immune to cold to withstand the freezing winds. Note that hounds ('Z') cannot spawn here (but can be summoned).
  • Music theme for Cloud Planes added. If you don't update your music pack, you will hear the default ironman dungeon music instead (CP is not an ironman dungeon though, despite using this music).
  • Added PLAYERS_NEVER_EXPIRE flag that you can turn on if you play TomeNET in a private LAN, which will disable the automatic character expiry after ~180 days of inactivity.
  • Tower/dungeon entrances have more structure/ambient features around their staircase.
  • Magic armour weight check now measures in 0.1 lb steps just like the rogueish armour weight check.
  • Shopkeepers no longer kick you out when another player is on your map but still far away from the shop.
  • Dol Guldur and the Illusory Castle have been changed from 'dungeon' to 'tower' type.
  • /tip command no longer produces two sound effects at once.
  • A bug has been fixed that caused ancient characters to have glitched max recall depths for certain dungeons.
  • Experimental code has been added to prevent some messages from being omitted in the characters's death dump file when it dies to massive almost-simultaneous monster attacks (hound breath spam etc). Let us know if you still experience that problem.
  • Characters may now drop items/gold at level 3 instead of requiring at least level 5.
  • A bug has been fixed that could cause /note command to crash on writing a very long note.
  • 'Levitation' has been renamed back to 'Feather Falling' and 'Flying' to 'Levitation'.
  • Levitation now implies Feather Falling.
  • Monsters can no longer erase 'Dark Pit' features by 'tunnelling' through them.
  • Flavour text of Accuracy/Damage/Slaying rings changed to reflect which works on Martial Arts too.
  • In-game command "/seen" and IRC equivalent "?seen", which returns when a character or player was online the last time.
  • The mayor's office uses 'g' for renaming guild now, as opposed to 'r' for exploration reports.
  • Noteworthy occurances is more informative on insta-resurrections of kings/queens.
  • Trimmed noteworthy occurances to display only the last 200 entries.
  • A panic save bug was fixed that happened on a combination of killing a dungeon boss with timed effects a split second after actually being insta-resurrected.
  • /ex command now shows the remaining time for a temporary monster form acquired by a ring of polymorphing.
  • Rings of polymorphing now have a 10-turn activation tax that is deducted whenever the player switches form to the temporary ring's form.
  • Temporary mimicry forms (ie from polymorphing rings) are no longer cancelled by UNMAGIC effects.
  • Player-made golems are no longer accidentally erased by the automatic routines that thin out monsters on the world surface in regular time intervals.
  • Pseudo-ID has been made somewhat more consistent, most notably 'blasted' ego items no longer ID as 'good' for Combat skill < 11.000.
  • Fountains of blood may spawn fountain guards too.
  • Aquatic fountain guards run away less and fight more.
  • True artifacts timeout after 5 weeks instead of 4 weeks now.
  • Bordertravel supply store has increased stock size and torches added.
  • CON -> HP adjustment has been smoothed out so that you always see a HP gain on increasing CON (while below the CON bonus cap for your level).
  • Terrain damage that the player is actually immune to is no longer displayed instead of a lot of "You're hit for 0 damage" messages.
  • Ego breeder monsters have a lower chance to multiply now (eg possessed rats).
  • Dodging effectiveness from 'Dodging' skill has been increased by 67%, resulting in a ~50% dodge chance of a level 50 character vs Morgoth (assuming max skill and not being overburdened) and ~67% vs equal level monsters.
  • Item rewards from events 'Highlander Tournament' and 'Dungeon Keeper' have been bumped up one level and can include double-ego items and more valuable items in general now.
  • Nether Guards code-wise have a head and torso now.
  • Monsters that gained levels (by getting spawned on much deeper floors than their native depth) no longer have their melee stun/cut chances suffer from it. (Especially affects monsters with Xd1 attacks such as Stormbringer.)
  • House doors of incompatible mode (EL vs non-EL vs PvP) no longer show in dark grey but instead in slate, because dark grey is already used for party-access flag 'Unworldly/Hellish'.
  • The item filter for Black Markets again removes trivial items found in other town stores (eg potions of restore stats).
  • Some y/n prompts had their default (y or n) changed.
  • Fixed a glitch with fire-till-kill that made characters require a full turn of energy to break free from it instead of 1/n turn worth of energy, with n being their shots/round number. This should greatly improve FTK handling for archers and rangers specifically.
  • The negative effect of inventory weight on dodging has been reduced greatly.
  • Items in list-houses will no longer be automatically owned by an (egligible) character who enters the house.
  • Fixed a glitch with vampires that have auto-id, displaying no inventory after logging in.
  • Bashing into direction 5 is now possible and will move the item you're standing on into a random direction by a distance of 1.
  • Rocket damage no longer depends on current HP but instead on maximum HP.
  • Auto-id will cancel the effect of losing ID info of inventory/equipment (eg by traps or mindcrafting monsters).
  • Winners will continue to see their title in the top left area of the main window, except it will be of violet colour.
  • Foreign items in inventory should be automatically owned by the player when he gains a level and thereby reaches the item level.
  • Monsters breathing disintegration or firing rockets around themselves will no longer disturb the player's rest.
  • Monster names imagined while hallucinating have correct grammar regarding uniques/non-uniques.
  • Player stores allow setting a percentage of an item's base value via @S%xxxx inscription. Eg @S%150 sells for 1.5x the usual pstore price (must be between 100 and 1000 percent).
  • Healing potions are a bit more common in black markets.
  • Oriental Vampire has been buffed from 0 to +10 speed and gained electricity resistance.
  • Food consumption is halted in the whole housing area around towns, instead of just in the towns.
  • Winners can inscribe artifact creation scrolls !L to prevent +LIFE mod from being generated on the resulting randart.
  • Instant resurrection now creates a character death dump.
  • The stun effect of monsters' melee attacks has been toned down somewhat.
  • Blood bond now works between party members.
  • A few top-end weapons (Scythe of Slicing, Mace of Disruption, Thunder Axe, Bluesteel Blade, Blade of Chaos, Demon Hammer, Slaughter Axe) gained small base +hit/+dam boni.
  • Chance for anti-magic shell mod to spawn on randarts has been halved. Check your existing randarts for changes (those that so far had any of these mods: AM shell, mana, mana regen, blessed).
  • Scroll of fire deals now same base damage as scroll of ice (200 instead of 100).
  • Uruk-hai crossbow wrongly had an ACTIVATE flag which has been removed.
  • F'lar activates for Gateway now (same as enlightened astral spell).
  • Mardra activates for dragon-banishing now.
  • Dawn activates for undead-banishing now.
  • Slaying weapons have correctly increased value now for extra damage dice and/or damage dice sides.
  • Ranged to-hit malus when using a shield now depends on shield size (unchanged for small leather shield, larger shields will cause a bigger penalty).
  • The '/ex' command now shows when instant resurrection is enabled.
  • Fixed a money overflow when losing money on death.
  • Black Reaver got a slight damage buff and had a few lesser spells removed to increase its overall threat.
  • Creating sling ammunition from rubble will now make the character start tunnelling through that rubble. When it finishes successfully, the ammo is created.
  • Unavailable equipment slots are marked as such. This concerns mimicry-users or two-handed weapons (since the shield slot isn't usable then).
  • Non-unique elementals all have NO_FEAR flag now.
  • Divine Vengeance no longer summons monsters in towns.
  • Fixed a glitch in the /ar command that resulted in displaying garbage when querying the currently set mimic power.
  • Characters in wraithform using physical attacks such as from slings, bows, crossbows, will no longer auto-retaliate against non-wraithed monsters (waking them up in the process while dealing 0 damage).
  • Fruit bats can now participate in Dungeon Keeper event.
  • Fixed a glitch in Arena Monster Challenge that would make certain ego monster types unavailable.
  • These races received a +1 hit dice buff: Half-Elf, Elf, Hobbit, Gnome, Yeek (yes!).
  • Fixed a wrong message when enchanting items in shops that would report wrong +hit, +dam or +ac values (lower than the original value).
  • Increasing 'Archery' and 'Combat' skills would behind the scenes also greatly increase 'Bows/Throws' ability, similar goes for melee skills and 'Fighting'. This influence has been reduced, but it should actually hardly be noticable in actual gameplay except when fighting Jubei.
  • The Stormbringer now resists disarming just like if it were a true artifact.
  • The command /que or /quest has been renamed to /xo or /xorder (for "extermination order"). The change is purely cosmetic, the mechanics stayed the same.
  • Created a quest framework that allows anyone to add their own quests to the game by writing quest info to a new file "q_info.txt" and send it to us via email. q_info.txt is in the folder TomeNET/lib/game.
  • Players in monster form might consume more food depending on the form's weight (up to the extra food that draconians and half-trolls consume, but not stacking with it, so a draconian or half-troll mimic won't see any further increase in food consumption from this).
  • /shuffle and /dealer commands added for the /deal command, which now remembers your remaining stack of cards. Shuffling allows you to specify the deck type (32 or 52 cards) and how many jokers (from none up to 12). /dealer will give your remaining stack of cards to someone else.
  • Experimental: PvP-mode characters profit less from +speed, +hit, +dam and +crit boni, except for the boni gained from training weapon skills or sneakiness skill.
  • Experimental: Mana-regeneration has been boosted a bit more (again by x1.5, so x3 total) in PvP arena, and it stacks with normal mana regeneration now.
  • Warriors are the only class with access to 'Berserk' technique and learn all techniques at earlier levels now than they did until now.
  • A few melee techniques had their level requirements lowered (depending on class).
  • 'Spin' technique stamina cost reduced from 8 to 5.
  • Gloves of Slaying receive a random SLAY_xxx mod.
  • Amulets of Telepathic Awareness have been renamed to amulets of Telepathy.
  • Reward-algorithm (Highlander, Dungeon Keeper) improved: Player may dual-wield to force lighter armour/no shield. Magic classes get lighter boots, helmets (and more crowns instead of helmets) and gloves. Classes eligible for heavy armour don't get light armour. Using a 2-handed weapon will make the algorithm (if it selected a weapon for reward) try hard to gerenate a fitting 2-handed weapon instead of a 1-handed one. Magi-appropriate hats will no longer come with negligible stat boni.
  • 'Possessor' ghosts have been disabled in the monster table, since they aren't "real" monsters anyway and give no experience.
  • The wilderness around higher level towns will spawn somewhat higher level monsters in general.
  • Trap of remittance has been towned down a bit.
  • Shamans learn X forms more quickly, same as for E forms.
  • Monsters successfully casting Tele-to on the player will stop his fire-till-kill, if ongoing.
  • Combat Stance skill is always displayed in light blue same as maxed out skills, since it's maxed out automatically at all levels.
  • Bugfix: Mindcrafters now get 'good' parrying applied correctly instead of just 'fair' parrying.
  • 'Good' parrying and blocking % has been increased slightly to form a linear progression with the other values.
  • Ranger armour weight limit for MP penalty has been increased by 2.0 lbs.
  • Elder Vampire and Vampire Lord got slight damage increase and NO_STUN, Pit Fiend got NO_STUN, to improve the forms for mimics.
  • Melee hits using POISON, TIME or LITE effects now get their damage correctly reduced if the player has the according (double) resistance or immunity, and increased if he is susceptible.
  • Shift+I works in stores now to inspect one's own items.
  • It's no longer possible to activate a secondary (ie dual-wielded) weapon while being flexibility-encumbered.
  • Getting through the dungeon 'Halls of Mandos' is a noteworthy occurance now.
  • Fixed wrong 'Calmness' skill description which suggested that monsters might be able to interfere with taking staircases (which they aren't able to).
  • The sword 'Stormbringer' times out on the floor like an artifact (longer timeout) instead of like normal items.
  • A rounding problem for very low amounts of experience has been fixed, this should be noticable when adventuring in the training tower.
  • ~2 now displays the number of learnt monster forms of those (non-unique ones) displayed, at the bottom of the list.
  • The command /house now accepts optional parameters 'o' and/or 'l' to filter for houses you own (for admins mostly) and houses that are around your current map sector.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented inscriptions containing !* or !+ from parsing all subsequent inscription characters.
  • Shopkeepers Hjolgar (armoury) and Kanris (weaponsmith) had their purse limits increased from 50000 to 150000 Au.
  • Tiny dungeon levels no longer allow generation of nests, pits or vaults.

Ironman Deep Dive Challenge:
  • Fixed a bug that could allow monster live spawn.
  • Different music in Menegroth and Nargothrond.
  • Experience shared in a party is much closer to solo-experience gains instead of reduced.
  • Floors stay static for 2 minutes now after the last player has left them, to prevent 'stale' floors when someone's internet connection dropped.
  • Nazgul rings of power no longer drain experience while the player is in a dungeon town.
  • Players who log back into IDDC after the floor has changed should no longer end up on impassable terrain.
  • Stores should now offer a more equal choice of items independant of their level/rarity. There was still some bias in the old formulas.
  • Stock size of some stores has been increased somewhat.
  • Items in dungeon town inns will no longer randomly vanish, as long as at least one player is in town.
  • Added target dummies to static towns (Menegroth and Nargothrond).

For a list of client-side changes see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=58&p=1831#p1831

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Re: Server updates

Postby C. Blue » Fri Aug 01, 2014 5:52 pm

Changes in 4.5.7a (server-side):

  • 'consistent_players' option now works with 'flash_self' option.
  • Enchantments on items are correctly displayed (redrawn) after using an enchantment shop.
  • Inscribing !U will display an item in dark grey in your inventory (for sorting loot).
  • Dodging efficiency in PvP has been reduced somewhat.
  • After a blood bond, MP are fully restored too.
  • 'flash_self' option will now also trigger when taking void jump gates.
  • Towers will have somewhat more upstairs being generated.
  • More item types have explaining text lines when inspecting them with SHIFT+I (or x in stores).
  • Ents cannot feed in oceans, because the water is too salty.
  • The /ex command informs you about how many more houses you are allowed to buy.
  • Items can no longer be dropped, bashed or thrown onto open house door grids.
  • Ice walls are now light blue instead of white, making them easier to distinguish from permanent walls.
  • Increased the frequency of scrolls of Artifact Creation showing up in the Expensive Black Market again.
  • Scroll and potion prices in the Secret Black Market have been *greatly* reduced.
  • The commands /deal and /draw have a maximum range now and can be used on oneself. A glitch in /draw when out of cards has been fixed.
  • The Living Lightning now drops a guaranteed randart Sky Dragon Scale Mail of high artifact power now (among other things).
  • The TomeNET Guide now correctly explains about extra might and extra shots in the sling/bow/crossbow skills section.
  • C-h-h (character boni) should correctly display auras now.
  • C-h-h should correctly display the effects of two different boni on an item (pval and bpval).
  • C-h-h now correctly displays luck boni from artifact sets and temporary blessings (from event reward deeds).
  • Items getting uncursed or re-cursing themselves will no longer erase their whole inscription but just update the 'cursed' or 'uncursed' part of it.
  • Rings of Power (Nazgul rings) never aggravate anymore, because that would cancel their granted invisibility.
  • The difficulty to activate magic devices has been made a bit more dependant on their level. This affects high-level magic devices, which may be a bit harder to activate now.
  • Magic devices of simplicity or of the istari are now less trivial to activate if the user is really bad at magic devices.
  • Unmakers no longer drop loot.
  • 'Teleport Level' no longer shows up in the mimicry spell list, since it's unusable anyway.
  • 'Blind' monster spell is now available in the mimicry spell list.
  • The /slap sfx is now independant of the whip's weapon sfx.
  • A sound effect for insanity attacks has been added (ghastly whisper). It is actually also used for FORGET (mind blank) attacks.
  • '/who' slash command added, displays the account belonging to a character name.
  • Corrupted Power Blast and Power Bolt now correctly deal damage in PvP.
  • Items dropped to the ground onto another stack of their type will now merge even if inscription or discount differ!

  • Target dummies should no longer despawn in the 2k and 4k towns.
  • The hidden library now uses a different hotkey for identifying, oops.
  • There are no more random towns but instead a granted town at 1k and 3k respectively.
  • Artifacts within the IDDC time out at double speed. When withdrawing from IDDC they time out at normal speed again.
  • Extermination orders can no longer be acquired on stale floors.
  • Wisdom amulets and dual-stat rings have been added to the magic shops.
  • General stores now sell climbing sets sometimes.

Ninja-fixes from 6th August:
  • Cancellation does not nullify nourishment value of potions.
  • Magic devices show activation chance in examination screen now (the item must be IDed).
  • Fixed glitches that could result in monsters getting time resistance or other weird resistances that they shouldn't have.
  • font_map_solid_walls option now works with X11 clients too, instead of displaying just a hollow rectangle.

For client-side changes see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=58&p=1847#p1847

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